Lenore began piano lessons at age four and has been teaching piano to both adults and children since she was thirteen years old.  She has two University degrees with a major in piano and 35 yrs. experience working with students ages 3 through 84.

Emma began taking piano lessons at age 7 and continued her formal music training in college at Soka University of America.  After graduating college in 2012, Emma began taking Piano Pedagogy, the art of teaching piano, with Lenore.  Emma has been teaching piano in North County San Diego since 2013 and has taught children and adults of all ages. Both Lenore and Emma teach piano in the Oceanside studio.


Lenore has also had 9 years of vocal lessons.  Her last vocal coach, Gina Feliccia  (http://www.bigcitybroadway.com) was outstanding.  Lenore's vocal training has profoundly impacted her teaching style and inspired her students.  Many of them play the piano parts to music written by such artists as Adele, the Beatles, Taylor Swift, Billy Joel, Sheryl Crow, Coldplay and Lenore performs the vocals.  Other students have gone one step further and have become motivated to play the piano and sing simultaneously - no small feat!  Emma is currently taking vocal lessons with an accomplished teacher in Vista.  

Emma and Lenore have a unique gift in that they can tailor every lesson to fit the needs of each individual student.  Lenore and Emma's greatest strength is their ability to break down musical concepts for their students - regardless of age or ability - and provide a curriculum that ensures success for every single student. Although they are both classically trained, they have played a wide variety of other styles of music and encourage their pupils to do the same. 


They train their students to become experts at reading music and to bring the page of music alive by playing with musical expression.  They believe students should have plenty of opportunities during the year to perform and therefore they host recitals in the Oceanside studio at least 3-4 times per year.  Their ultimate goal is to teach their students to become independent musicians so they can enjoy their musical skills for a lifetime.      

Lessons for beginners are typically 30 minutes in length, more advanced students require 45-minute lessons.  Students attend lessons once weekly. Lenore's tuition is $30 for 30 minutes and $45 for 45 minutes.
Emma's tuition is $25 for 30 minutes and $37 for 45 minutes.

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