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1)  Lenore Johnson is an amazing piano and Orff music teacher! The Orff program that Ms. Lenore teaches is one of the very best programs that my two boys (Nick and Marc) have ever been involved in.  They started two years ago in the Orff program.  They are now enrolled in Level 3 Orff classes with Ms. Lenore for next year. The classes are so engaging and fun!   My boys (as well as the rest of the class) leave Ms. Lenore's music studio every week, energized, with big smiles on their faces.  Both my boys were shy and not very verbal in group situations. I have noticed that after the weekly Orff lessons, my boys have become a lot more expressive and confident.

During their first year of Orff lessons, I could hardly hear their voices during group performances.   Now, I can finally hear them sing out and perform at recitals.   Miss Lenore has also provided private piano lessons to my son Nicholas for the past 2 years and my son Mark this past year.  At the Orff spring recital, Nicholas played on piano, a song written by Elton John from the “Lion King”:  “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King”.  Nicholas played the piano and sang into a microphone simultaneously.  This was a huge accomplishment for him. 

Nick and Marc have both learned how to play several other musical instruments during their Orff classes: recorder, xylophones, glockenspiels, drums, and several other percussion instruments, just to name a few.  They have had experience producing and creating their own music within a group setting.    They also have acquired the skills to sing, dance, act and play instruments at the same time.

I believe that Orff gives children the opportunity to get a well-rounded music education. It has been a big blessing in our lives. I will forever continue to sign up my boys in Orff classes and will be forever thankful to Ms. Lenore. She is great!!

Caroline Bullock
(Mother of two boys, experience as a teacher assistant in Oceanside School District and currently taking courses to major in special education.)


2) We are so thrilled to have found a wonderful music teacher!  We’re impressed with her knowledge and enthusiasm for music.  With her special teaching talent, she has pushed our children to new boundaries every year.

Our oldest child has been playing piano for six years and is still very passionate about it. Ms. Lenore has a wide variety of music.  He enjoys the exposure to classical music as  well as contemporary pieces.

Our oldest daughter has been playing piano for four years as well, and also took an additional Orff music class with Ms. Lenore.  During the year she took this extra music class is when I saw the most improvement in her piano skills.  Additionally, she joined her Middle School Drum Line due to her percussion training in Orff class.

My three youngest children have taken Ms. Lenore's Orff class and they loved it!   The class is so much fun and interactive. Along with playing many different kinds of instruments, they are constantly singing and moving their bodies to new rhythms.  She even taught them to write music as young as 7 years old.  One of my daughters has become a better dancer because Mrs. Johnson trained her to keep time.  For the others, Orff class was a great foundation before starting other instruments like guitar and violin.  My two youngest daughters are currently in their 3rd year of Orff classes with Ms. Lenore and one of them will now start violin, the other will start piano with Ms. Lenore.

Miss Lenore is by far one of the best music teachers we have had.  She didn’t just teach my kids how to play instruments but rather passed on her love and passion for music. She will forever be a part of our lives. We are very grateful to her and highly recommend her.

Judith Molloy

3)  I have two children enrolled at the Music Studio of Lenore Johnson.   My oldest daughter, now age 15, started taking piano 9 years ago with Ms. Lenore and also participated when she was younger, in the Orff group music program.  Additionally, my daughter took on the role of  "teacher assistant" for Orff  Music Camp in summer of 2010, (when it first launched) helping Ms. Lenore with children ages 5-8.  During the past few years, Ms. Lenore has also taken some time out of my daughter's piano lessons to work on vocal technique as my daughter loves to play piano while singing, simultaneously.  She has performed in many recitals, singing and playing such songs as Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, various musical theatre songs and  Adele's "Someone Like You".   My daughter is currently taking a 45-min piano lesson as well as a 30-min shared vocal lesson with another student and her next performance will be singing and playing "Love Story" by Taylor Swift.   I am amazed at how quickly my daughter's skills have developed.

My son started piano lessons  at age six with Ms. Lenore and is currently attending a 30-min piano lesson and has been enrolled in the 1-hour Orff group music class for his 5th year in a row.   I  can see how the Orff training has helped develop his piano playing.   Both my children love music and we certainly love listening to them!

Devona Bartusevics


4) Sofia was nearly fourteen, just finishing middle school, when a friend referred her to Lenore.  The subsequent four years fueled her love for the piano, inspired her to pursue music education, and helped her achieve proficiency to earn scholarships from various universities.  It was remarkable to have witnessed Lenore's artistic gift, passion and dedication shared with her students.  We are grateful for her loving support and influential role model she represents in Sofia's life.


From a very early age Sofia was fascinated by the piano we had at home.  She would sit to play random keys that sometimes even sounded melodic.  Actively involved with soccer, girl scouts, and other activities delayed her piano instruction until we found a teacher near school.  Between 7 and 8 years old she began her formal training.  It stopped when her teacher decided to move out of California.  There were two other instructors that did not work out.  They rescheduled lessons at the last minute, lacked preparation, and they simply did not connect with our daughter. Lessons were interrupted until we found an exceptional teacher.


Our appreciation for Lenore's professionalism and personality stems from listening and observing her for four years.  We accompanied Sofia to  all her recitals and nearly all her lessons.  It was evident on our ride, to and from Lenore Johnson's Studio, that Sofia looked forward with  enthusiasm to each session.  It was especially impressive to watch and enjoy Lenore perform a challenging passage or demonstrate the next piece of music chosen for our daughter's development.  We also witnessed her warmth and exuberance transferred to both younger and older students alike.  Schedules were handed out on a quarterly basis listing vacations, holidays, recitals, and payment due dates.  This planning made it easier to manage our time and budget.  Lenore kept us informed of Sofia's progress as well as areas for improvement. 


Lenore's wealth of music training, teaching experience, and ability to adapt to meet the needs of individual students set her above others in her profession.

In a span of four years Sofia learned to play classical music from Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven, Debussy and contemporary composer Yiruma amongst others.  In addition, she played pop music solos as well as piano duets with Lenore.  She even played the piano arrangement while Lenore sang popular hits like Adele's Turning Tables, John Lennon's Imagine, and Five For Fighting's 100 Years.  Her lessons were further enhanced with music theory.


Sofia's music background extended beyond the piano.  She had seven years of playing the flute, four years in high school, and one year of private lessons.  Her senior year in high school she applied to several universities with quality music schools.  To be admitted into the music programs she had to audition in front of music directors, professors, and flute professionals.  She was required to play from a select repertoire that included Bach, Mozart, Boccherini and others. 


Sofia and her flute teacher selected the Boccherini Flute Concerto in D Op. 27 as her senior performance as well as her audition piece.  Lenore was gracious enough to help Sofia by playing the piano accompaniment.  This experience helped Sofia fine tune her timing, musicality, and comfort in front of an audience.  Sofia and Lenore performed the Boccherini concerto at one of the piano recitals.  Weeks later Sofia performed the same concerto accompanied by the Rancho Buena Vista High School Wind I ensemble.  In both instances, the audience expressed their appreciation with a warm, extended applause.  More important, her auditions resulted in six universities accepting her and offering scholarship to enroll in their music school.  We, as parents, along with Sofia thank Lenore for her contribution.


There is one recent anecdote to share with you.  Sofia is attending the University of Redlands where she was tested to determine her piano skills.  Professor Lara Urrutia told her that her piano teacher did a great job.  It showed in her musicality, phrasing, technique, quality, and the level of difficulty in the music she played.  She tested beyond the requirement of the class and moved on to take a string instrument class (learning the Viola).

We highly recommend Lenore to everyone searching for a talented pianist with outstanding credentials and the unique ability to share her passion for music with children of all ages.


Alejandro, Maria Elena, and Sofia Gomez


5) Ms. Lenore is fabulous! I have seen my daughter Lauren's skills improve immensely in the past five months when she began her piano lessons with Ms. Lenore in spring of 2012.  Prior to that, she had studied with other teachers beginning at the age of seven, however her lessons were sporadic.  Between the starts and stops, she had lessons for about two years between age 7 and 16, and her last lesson had been at approximately age 15, almost a year before she started with Ms. Lenore.  Lauren had been playing Disney tunes and other fun songs, but at age fourteen she decided she wanted to be a concert pianist. She is now in 10th grade at school. When Lauren had her first lesson with Ms. Lenore, she could read music, but painstakingly slowly.

Lauren was born with the gift of a fantastic "ear" for music and because she wasn't able to read notes quickly, she learned by listening to songs, figuring them out bar by bar, memorizing each bar as she went along. A very tedious and frustrating process! At this point I realized she needed to attend lessons weekly with a teacher who had played at “concert pianist” level during her own university training.  A friend told me about Ms. Lenore.

Lenore immediately set to work improving Lauren's sight-reading skills and her understanding of theory. The difference in these short five months is dramatic! Lauren has been flying through the method books at a break-neck pace and she now reads music ten times as fast as she did a few short months ago. Lauren recently expanded her 45 minute lesson to one hour and is playing Bach, Mozart, etc. Lenore has an organized plan to prepare her for the video recordings Lauren will need to submit when applying to Colleges when she enters 12th grade. Lenore keeps Lauren and I apprised of outside performance opportunities and also offers Lauren several opportunities to play in recitals held at the Studio of Lenore Johnson. This teacher gives her heart and soul to teaching. We're so glad we found Ms. Lenore and highly recommend her!

Cheryl Morris