The Music Studio of Lenore Johnson offers Foundations of Music classes, featuring the Orff Schulwerk approach, for children ages 3 and up.  Orff Schulwerk curriculum is typically included in schools throughout the U.S.A and around the world.  Unfortunately, due to cut-backs in arts and music in North County San Diego and other areas of California, these music classes are unavailable in almost all of our schools.  This is tragic given that neuroscientists have discovered that playing a musical instrument is the only activity on the planet that develops every single part of the brain.  Furthermore, children who participate in quality group music programs improve cognitive skills, physical coordination and social development.  Like learning any language, the best time to start young as possible.       


The Foundation of Music classes will teach your children essential musical skills and will prepare them for piano lessons, guitar lessons, violin/viola programs in middle school, drum line and band programs in high school.  These lessons are fun!  The children are so engaged they forget they are actually learning crucial skills and becoming competent musicians.  After completing their first year, students advance to level 2 classes the following year, then level 3, 4, 5, etc., advancing through one level per year.   


Classes start in September and run until the end of May/1st week of June. Tuition is $590 divided into 10 equal payments of $59.  The first payment is due upon registration and the remaining 9 payments are due by the 15th of the month, Sept. - May. ($590 divided by 34 classes = $17.35 per class) 


Students are organized into groups of 6-12 children based on their age and musical experience.  Private piano, guitar, or violin lessons typically cost $28-$40 per half hour, or approximately $112-$160 per month, which many families cannot afford. The Foundations of Music classes are affordable for every family at $59 per month for one full hour of instruction per week.


Children learn musical concepts by listening and moving to music, chanting poems, singing, performing body percussion (clapping, stamping, patting knees, snapping fingers) and playing instruments.  Lenore has equipped her studio with 14 high-quality barred Orff instruments so that every student has their own instrument each class.   These instruments are designed specifically for the child and consist of xylophones, glockenspiels and metallophones.  Additionally, there are over twenty different types of other percussion instruments in the studio: drums, tambourines, woodblocks, rhythm sticks, cymbals, temple blocks, triangles, etc.


The Orff Schulwerk approach stresses improvisation, encouraging students to be creative, independent thinkers while learning how to cooperate with their classmates.   Quality children's literature is often the inspiration for musical activities.  For example, Lenore might read “The Princess and the Pea” to a class of 2nd and 3rd graders and assign each character in the story a musical excerpt, which is performed on instruments by the children.  Rhythmic chants, songs, movement, instrumental pieces and body percussion are created by the class and inserted into the story.  The result is a  “mini-musical”, which can then be performed for parents and friends.   This truly is music making for the child!


Students love to share their musical experiences therefore parents are invited into the studio on designated dates to watch their children in action.  Once per year students prepare for a recital on stage in a venue that holds at least 150 guests so that grandparents, friends, etc. may also share the students’ experiences.  


Call Lenore now for information regarding class schedules:  760-224-3806  Space is limited.


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